Use of KCS Mark

SI NO.Table of contents
2Scope of Applicability
3Reference documents/standards
5.1 Design of the logo
5.2 Reproduction of logo
5.3 Violation of the conditions
6Records – Other Applicable Document
7Revision Status

1.   Purpose

The purpose of the procedure is to define the conditions for the use of the Certification Mark/Logo of KIHT Certification Services (KCS) and Accreditation body (AB) symbol once accredited for the specific certification scheme.

2. Scope of Applicability

This procedure is applicable to the use of the logo by the certified organizations

3. Reference Documents/Standards

ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 – Conformity assessment — Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of management systems- Part 1: Requirements 


  Accreditation symbol: Symbol issued by an accreditation body to be used by accredited CABs to indicate their accredited status

4. Responsibilities

The Certification Manager is responsible to establish, implement, and amend this procedure. The certified organizations are responsible to comply with the procedure.

5.  Procedures

 5.1   Design of the KCS logo

The design of the KCS logo is as per the master sample issued along with Certificate. The design specifies the proportions of the logo and the color combinations in which it can be reproduced.

 5.2 Reproduction of KCS logo

 5.2.1.    The certified organization/client by KCS can reproduce the logo of KCS (as applicable) in conjunction with its name, on its stationery and literature associated with its certified activities and scopes subject to the conditions specified below.

 5.2.2.   It is mandatory for the certified organization/client to obtain approval from KCS prior to the use of KCS logo. Approval will be provided based on the review of the samples of stationary, brochures, marketing materials, letterheads, etc. on which the KCS logo is going to be printed.

 5.2.3.   The use of the logo by the certified organizations/clients will be under the control and supervision of KCS. KCS will take necessary actions to ensure that the use of the logo by the certified organizations is within the conditions specified below. Content, Size and Reproduction

  • The KCS logo shall be reproduced in the proportions and the colors as per the sample. In the event of reproduction in smaller size owing to the limitation of space, the logo shall be proportionately adjusted (not amounting to distortion) & be legible with no infilling of space and letters. The logo shall be reproduced based on the master copy supplied along with the certificate. Redrawn masters shall never be used.
  • The KCS logo shall not be reproduced by a certified organization in isolation of its own name.
  • The certified organization shall reproduce the logo with the correct reference of the standard KCS logo.
  • The KCS logo shall only be printed in the color combination as per the sample or in the grey-black combination.
  •  The client shall submit the draft to KCS before final printing for approval.  Use of KCS logo

a) The certified organization can only use the certification mark (logo) for premises of the certified organization that are specifically included in the certification. The certified organization shall not make any statement regarding its certification that KCS may consider misleading or unauthorized.

b) The logo along with the reference to the standard shall be used to refer  the certification status of the certified organization and in conjunction with the name of the certified organization to refer to the certificates issued.

c) The logo shall not be used in any way that it misleads the reader about the certification status of the certified organization

d) The logo shall not be used on the product packaging, product, labels, publicity material, written announcements, Test Reports, Inspection Certificates, Calibration Certificates, etc., or in any other way that may suggest that KCS has certified or approved any product or service of the certified organization or in any other misleading manner.

e) All quotations and contracts by the certified organization having the logo shall clearly indicate the part of activities that are not certified by KCS.

f) The certified organization upon suspension or withdrawal of its certification (however determined), shall discontinue use of all advertising matter that contains any reference to certification status.

g) The certified organization shall not allow its certification status to be used to imply that a product, process, service, or person is approved by the KCS.

h) The logo shall not be displayed on vehicles except in publicity material like part of a large advertisement.

i) The logo shall not be displayed on buildings and flags

j)   Once KCS get accreditation, KCS will provide provision for using of AB Symbol and will make an agreement with AB to use IAF Logo on the specific management system certificate issued to the client by KCS.

5.3   Violation of the conditions

  • In case, the KCS logo is being used by a certified organization contrary to the conditions specified, KCS shall take necessary action and advise the concerned organization for corrective action. In case, if the certified organization does not take suitable action against the wrong use of the logo, KCS may suspend/withdraw the certificate as specified in the contract.
  • The client shall only use the logo provided by KCS and shall not use any other logo such as IAF, and any accreditation logo. Use of any such logo shall be treated as a misuse of logo and appropriate action shall be taken. For using the AB Symbol, the requirements as prescribed by AB would apply.
  • The client shall not be allowed to use the certificate and the KCS logo when under suspension period.
  • The client shall immediately stop and withdraw the use of the certificate and KCS logo upon withdrawal and expiry of the certificate.

6.0       Records – Other Applicable Document

  • List of External documents (such as final logo sample) submitted by Client