Organization Motto:

Vigyanena Jaataani Jeevanti/ विज्ञानेन जातानि जीवन्ति


Kalam Institute of Health Technology (KIHT) aims to facilitate focused research on critical components pertaining to medical devices by supporting institutions involved with R&D, industry, policy makers and knowledge repositories. This shall be achieved through transfer of technical knowledge and bringing strategic and coherent synergy of scientific facilities and institutions to compliment efforts on industrial promotion in the medical devices segment. It lives to bring increased access to affordable health products to citizens and a thriving medical devices manufacturing sector in India.

First batch starts 14th April 2022​


Evolving Medical Technology through Coherent Synergy


As a regional hub of Department of Health Research, (MOHFW) the cell undertakes HTA  to appraise the innovative medical devices in terms of their clinical and cost effectiveness.

Cell for Market Intelligence & Trade (CMIT)

Analyze and suggest market and trade related data on medical devices, and monitors Mergers and Acquisitions among corporates in medical devices industry