• Provide critical component knowledge to relevant institutions for focused research & development
  • Facilitate core scientific facilities in developing core medical device technologies
  • Facilitate focused and target oriented R & D by institutions that specialize in respective domains
  • Identify knowledge groups that specialize in key and strategic medical devices segments
  • To develop cost effective channels for technology intensive programs


  • Supporting MedTech transfers(e-Auction) and facilitate rapid industrial promotion
  • To promote setting up of scientific facilities for developing and Pre-market approvals
  • To connect with knowledge networks viz. National & International Organizations, Industry Associations, Business councils, Regulatory agencies, Trade departments, Quality promotion etc.,
  • Facilitating scientific cooperation, coordination of activities, information exchange, exchange of expertise and implementation of joint projects
  • Implementing specific projects funded by Government, bilateral, multi-lateral, and other funding agencies for growth in health technology
  • Improving access towards affordable health technologies

Cell for Health Technology Assessment (CHTA)

  • As a regional hub of Department of Health Research, (MOHFW) the cell undertakes HTA  to appraise the innovative medical devices in terms of their clinical and cost effectiveness.
  • Undertakes systematic review and meta analysis of medical devices and health policies as a collaborative centre of Joanna Briggs Institute, University of Adelaide 
  • Support repository of medical device specific best practices, technology upgrades, skill building programs and knowledge sharing platforms.
  • Undertakes research and analysis about concerns, rapid action requirement and long term strategy in Med Tech industry.


  • Act as knowledge repository for export and import data on medical devices
  • Act as advisory board on all matters relating to medical device sector
  • Act as an advisory board on policy matters pertaining to medical devices
  • Act as bridge between Start-ups and Corporates, and analysing Investments and advising accordingly