SI NO.Table of contents
2Scope of Applicability
3Reference documents/standards
5.1 : Suspension
5.2 : Withdrawal
5.3 : Cancellation
6Records – Other Applicable documents
7Revision Status

1.   Purpose

The purpose of the procedure is to explain to the client about the suspension and withdrawal of certification process that would be performed by KIHT Certification Services (KCS).

2. Scope of Applicability

The procedure applies to the following suspension and withdrawal processes at KCS.

  • Process for Suspension
  • Process for Withdrawal

3. Reference Documents/Standards

ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 – Conformity assessment — Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of management systems- Part 1: Requirements 

4. Responsibilities

The Certification manager and Quality manager are responsible for this procedure.

5. Procedures

The certificate issued is valid for three years as described. However, KCS has the right to suspend this certificate for violation of various requirements. Also, certified client/organization may request for self- suspension and withdraw of their certification with reasons.

5.1   Suspension:

5.1.1 The grounds for suspending (partially/fully) the certificate are as follows:

  • Any significant/ major changes in the legal status, ownership, impartiality, use of sub-contractors, documentation, etc., which have not been informed to the KCS within 30 days.
  • If the certified organization is not allowing the surveillance/recertification audit at the required time.
  • If during the surveillance/recertification audit, the system is found not to comply with standard requirements.
  • If the client is found to misuse the logo of the KCS or accreditation body symbol using any kind of misleading statement which might affect the reputation of the KCS and the accreditation board.
  • No/ineffective corrective actions in response to the non-conformities observed during surveillance assessments or recertification audits.
  • Non-payment of outstanding dues.
  • Any wilful misdeclaration in the application form, which is discovered after the granting of certification by KCS.
  • Any wilful non-compliance to the certification agreement.
  • Wilful misuse of conditions by certifying and issuing KCS certificate for scope not covered under the scope of certification.
  • Fraudulent behaviour and providing intentionally false information or concealing information. Excessive and/or serious complaints against the client of the KCS.
  • Evidence of unethical certification practices include providing incorrect information to KCS; faking of certification records; inappropriate relationship with consultants, etc.
  • If there is any complaint from the customer, KCS needs to verify the complaint and in case of the certified organization is found guilty, the certificate will be suspended and will remain suspended until the complaint is not resolved.
  • major non-conformities (NC) not addressed within stipulated timeline may lead to suspension/withdrawal of certification depending on the seriousness.
  • Certified client may request for voluntary suspension with reason
  • Any other condition/situation is deemed appropriate by the KCS.

5.1.2 While under suspension, the client’s management systems certification is not valid, and client cannot claim certification.

5.1.3 In case of voluntary suspension, restoration of suspension shall take place within six months of suspension and only after KCS ensure the review of actions completed by the client against the reason for self-suspension.  

5.1.4 if the suspension of certificate is due to not meeting the standard requirements or major system failure, the restoration of suspension shall be after satisfactory closure of findings resulted to suspension and that shall be within six months of suspension otherwise the certification shall be cancelled.

5.1.5 The organization shall be allowed to explain its position in writing to KCS and present its case in person to the KCS. The final decision shall be taken in respect of Suspension of Certification (Partial or full) based on facts and the results of such presentation. Notwithstanding the above provision for a representation by the Client, the KCS may decide to suspend Certification, if there is sufficient evidence of wilful misrepresentation of facts or wilful non-compliance to KCS criteria. The period of suspension shall be formally communicated as per the criteria laid down by the KCS.

5.2 Withdrawal: 

5.2.1 Any certificate issued by KCS may be withdrawn in the event of any of the following situations occur.

i) In case, the organization is not able to resolve the issue of suspension within 180 days from the date of suspension.

ii) The evidence submitted by the organization for the reason of suspension is not found satisfactory.

iii) Upon the Suspension, the certificate will be surrendered from the client, the KCS website will be updated that the organization’s certificate is cancelled (not valid).

iv)  After the cancellation of the certificate, if the organization is found to use the certificate or certification information in any manner, legal action will be taken against the organization as per the contractual agreement

v)  If a surveillance audit/recertification audit is not arranged within 3 months of the due date in response to the notice issued by KCS.

vi) Major lack of effective implementation of corrective actions within agreed time limits in respect of NC identified during surveillance audits.

vii) Failure to pay appropriate fees on time.

viii) Continued misuse of accreditation symbol/KCS logo e.g., misleading publications, advertisement, or contravention of the stipulated conditions for the use of marks/logo.

    • A notice citing reasons and intention to suspend/withdraw shall be sent to the client inviting response within 15 days.
    • Upon suspension or cancellation of certificate of registration, the name of the organization shall be deleted from the KCS’s approved list of certified companies (clients).
    • The period of suspension will not be more than six months. If the Client does not take suitable corrective action to the KCS within six months, the KCS reserves the right to withdraw the certification.
    • Certificate once withdrawn cannot be reinstated and becomes invalid.
    • The Data of suspended and withdrawal clients along with valid certificate details is updated on the KCS website for certificate verification.
    • Certification Manager is authorized to suspend the certificates  and to issue a suspension letter to the concerned client for non-conductance of surveillance audits.
    • Record of suspended and withdrawn certificates is updated

Note: The evidence can be verified offsite depending upon the nature of the reason for the suspension.

6.0       Records – Other Applicable Document

  1. Suspension and withdrawal certificates.
  2. The documents submitted by the client in support of the suspension (Suspension Revision).