Evolving Medical Technology through Coherent Synergy


KIHT aims to facilitate focused research on critical components pertaining to medical devices by supporting institutions involved with R&D, industry, policy makers and knowledge repositories. This shall be achieved through transfer of technical knowledge and bringing strategic and coherent synergy of scientific facilities and institutions to compliment efforts on industrial promotion in the medical devices segment. It lives to bring increased access to affordable health products to citizens and a thriving medical devices manufacturing sector in India.

Activities of KIHT

Would be across the areas of Health Technology Promotion, Market Access, Technology Promotion Support

  1. Undertaking technology transfers to facilitate industrial production for technologies that have already been developed
  2. Providing critical component knowledge to relevant institutions for focused research & development
  3. Serving a nodal knowledge centre for facilitate such focused and target oriented R & D by institutions that specialize in respective domains
  4. Ensuring relevant technology intensive programs are provided with relevant and cost-effective technology channels
  5. Supporting stakeholders with advance acquisition of scientific health technologies that have been engineered by institutions of scientific merit.
  6. Identify and suggest measures to respective department/ministry on corrective actions for elimination of barriers to trade including technical barriers & operational requirements that retard manufacturing and trade of Indian made medical devices
  7. Undertake research & analysis of relevant data to inform upon request of Dept. of Bio-technology, other departments under Central & State governments, enforcement agencies as well as other stakeholders about concerns, any rapid action required, or long-term strategies to minimize risk on medical devices industry and industrial research
  8. Support creation and/or adoption of medical device industry specific best practices, technology upgrades in manufacturing, skill building programs; knowledge sharing platforms, and other events for quality promotion of medical devices manufacturing sector;
  9. Promote general awareness on medical devices safety, standards and facilitate sharing of all such relevant information with public, medical professionals, and all other stake holders;
  10. Promote setting up of medical device testing laboratories for pre-market approvals, quality and standardization
  11. Develop knowledge networks with National and International Organizations, Industry Associations, Business Councils, Regulatory agencies & Trade Departments, and Quality Promotion & Standard setting bodies; to facilitate scientific cooperation, coordination of activities, information exchange, exchange of expertise and implementation of joint projects.
  12. To undertake all relevant activities, including implementation of specific projects funded by government, bilateral, multilateral and other funding agencies for growth in health technology, and improving access towards affordable health technologies and medical devices.
  13. Any other project or task assigned by Dept. of Bio-technology, Dept. of Industrial Policy & Promotion or on request basis from any Central Government Department, State Governments, Academic/Research Institutions established by central/state government(s).